Exploring San Francisco Style Sourdough Starter

I have been reading about the San Francisco Style sourdough for quite some time, but it never occurred to me to try it. Recently, I decided to get some and experiment with it.

I followed the instructions for turning the dry powder into activating the yeast, which was a simple process that took a few days.

As an initial attempt, I decided to make a couple of loaves of bread to get familiar with the starter.

Here is the recipe that I came up with (using organic ingredients):

  • gr. 400 - bread flour (or make your own, check my page on how to do it)
  • gr. 400 - water
  • gr. 300 - San Francisco sourdough starter

Mix the ingredients thoroughly and let the dough rest for 12 to 24 hours.

Add about 300 gr of flour (depending on the type of flour used) to reach a nice elasticity of the dough without making it too moist.

This time, I used a stand mixer (a small 8 qt. non-commercial unit) and mixed the dough for about 20 minutes, starting at a slow speed and increasing to medium.

I let the dough rest in a proofing box for about 3 hours or more, until it had more than doubled in size and was well levitated.

I divided the dough into two parts and shaped it by hand into two simple loaves. I scored the loaves with some transverse cuts and baked them for about 40 minutes at 400 to 425°F (200 to 220°C).

Next time, I will try to make pizza using the same steps and will report back on my results. In the meantime, have fun making pizza/bread, not war!

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