Cooking With Ferno

Isn't true that an image speaks a 1000 words...?

Below are some of the food items prepared using Ferno the wood oven.
But let's start from the beginning... 
You could be wondering what happened next. Yes - I did eat some as part of this unspoken humbling ritual of failure accepting that not all pizza pies turn out as you could expect... the rest of it was consumed by the two chickens as a final offering to mother nature hoping to have appease the oven deities.

The first pizza was a fiasco. I understand that it could be some sort of rite of passage. It got stuck to the peel as I was trying to slide it off. It rolled on itself half way making a mock of a semi doughy 'something-like-a-calzone' as it was getting cooked. I kept it there in spite of the adverse fortune of the moment. I kept moving it and baking it as I was turning this unidentified pizza object into a roll of some sort. The more I pushed it back and forth the more it became a weird looking bread. I went on as far as I could to call it cooked.
Nevertheless this was the first and last tragic badly cooked pizza, since then food has been rolling in and out as expected :-)





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